History of Company

„DREW-TRANS II” Zenon Wrzeszcz and partners (general partnership) with the registered office in Chojnice is at present the most expansive growing company not only on the area of North Poland, but in scale of the whole country. Since 2000 the company deals with trading activity which is concentrated on the sale of particle boards, fibreboards and laminated boards as well as a wide assortment of accessories and other elements necessary for assembly and manufacturing of furniture.

The beginning of its existence „DREW-TRANS II” owes to a „sister” company – „DREW-TRANS” Zenon Wrzeszcz. In 1984 Elżbieta and Zenon Wrzeszcz have established a transportation company. Reliability and high quality of special services and international freights contributed to a dynamic development of the company. It was reflected in purchase of new transportation means, modernization of existing machinery and particularly in systematic acquiring of customers.

zdjecie1.jpg (733 x 550)Long-year experience gained in transportation company management, in combination with the change of political system of the country, economy conditions and liquidation of trade barriers tended the owner of „DREW-TRANS” to defy the new challenges – this time within the trade branch. The response for the signals flow and the gap on local market of furniture accessories became the establishment in 2000 new company named „DREW-TRANS II” Zenon Wrzeszcz and partners (general partnership). At the beginning „DREW-TRANS II” had employed merely several joiners and merchants for direct customer service. With time the company established a position on local market becoming one of important suppliers of boards and furniture accessories. The company had not rested on its laurels, it had not remained "imperturbable" for flowing market signals. The changing customers' preferences and growing expectations regarding to the quality of goods stimulated „DREW-TRANS II” to check the possibility of cooperation with largest suppliers in this branch from the area of whole Poland. Today, the company can be proud of cooperation with most important manufacturers of boards and furniture accessories such as: STEICO, KRONOPOL, PAGED, BLUM, LAGUNA, THERMOPLAST, GAMET, NOMET, REJS, etc. In addition, „DREW-TRANS II” has signed a partnership agreement with the largest group within the branch of furniture boards – PFLEIDERER. It allows to expand the existing offer with the up-to-date board decors. Growing interest of company's assortment has allowed to engage new employees, first of all to take huge investment in machinery. Actually the company has the leading edge CNC machinery allowing for high quality of provided services within cutting, drilling, veneering, sizing and working of boards, what results in customer satisfaction – both the individual customers and furniture manufacturers.

The ability to react on customers' voices and to adapt the offer of goods to it gained on the market of Chojnice tended the owner to undertake similar challenges on the more wide area. Today, the company can be proud of three branches: in Starogard Gdański, Czarna Woda and since 2005 also in Piła employing totally over 90 employees. Excellently trained staff contribute to systematic expand of our customers' group what results in sale growth every year.


„DREW-TRANS II” is a good prospering company which can find itself in the union reality. Within its activity it exceeds the country borders purchasing (e.g. plywood, natural veneered boards, varnishes) in neighbouring countries and simultaneously increasing the sale to the customers resided in European Union and the countries beyond of it. It's worth to highlight that the company is not closed within its branch, but expanding its existing assortment with adhesives, varnishes and construction materials such as OSBs, insulating boards, beams, square-sawn timber, etc., it aims at the progressive expansion in the construction branch.