Steico ULTRALAM -laminated veneer lumber

Construction elements – naturally made of timber

STEICOultralam™ is made of multiple 3 mm layers of graded laminated spruce veneers. This disperses
knots and irregular growth, producing a practically homogeneous cross section. This construction
means that STEICOultralam ™ is highly rigid and dimensionally stable.

STEICOultralam R™ is one of the most rigid engineered wood products Available
The current test figures that were identified during CE-certification, confirm the high quality of STEICOultralam™. The vertical bending strength is 48 N/mm² and the characterisitic flat bending strength is 50 N / mm². This means that the bending strength is twice that of normal C 24. The tension strength
is an impressive 40 N / mm², and the modulus of elasticity has an average of 14,000 N / mm². This means: slender structural elements, less materials and reduced costs.

Areas of use
Joists, beams, studs, purlins, top plates, window and door lintels, main beams, structural boards etc.

• LVL – Laminated Veneer Lumber for various applications
• available in a wide range of thicknesses and formats
• high strength to weight ratio
• dimensional stability
• high compression strength for Rimboard applications
• easily cut and machined using traditional tools
• minimal settlement
• high connection capacity and fixing withdrawal strength
• efficient use of timber resources

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