We perform the veneering of narrow surfaces, side edges of boards and countertops on the machine of Homag company which allows us to realize all orders entrusted to us in the thickness range of elements up to 60 mm and the use of pre-moulding of edges with diamond tool results in 100% of product quality.

Besides, in order to provide the highest quality of veneering, the machine is equipped with the pre-moulding unit which serves for preparation of board edge directly prior to set the edge as well as the form moulding unit for finishing of countertops, postforming elements and corners during veneering with PVC 2.0 mm edge.

The edges can be veneered with PVC and ABS edges as well as natural veneer with the thickness range of 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm and with the width range 22, 32 and 42 mm.