Our achievements

Achievements of „DREW-TRANS II” since the beginning of its existence were appreciated and honoured with prestigious awards.

In 2002 the company has received a quality certificate which is awarded for quality of freight services provided within the sale of wooden products. In addition, it can be proud of certificates for significant companies from the branch: THERMOPLAST, BLUM, PFLEIDERER.

Since 2005 „DREW – TRANS II” is systematically considered in prestigious ranking in „Gazele Biznesu” ("Business Gazelles") published by „Puls Biznesu” ("Business Pulse") . In point of view of „Business Pulse” the Gazelle it is a middle-sized company which due to extremely dynamic development perfectly deals among larger customers and simultaneously enjoys an unblemished reputation and reliability towards customers, employees and State Treasuary. „DREW – TRANS II” met the requirements being placed in 2005 on the very high 70 position on the Polish nationwide ranking of most dynamic companies and only in the Pomerania province – on 8 position. The company had not rested on its laurels. From the first publication, i.e. since 2005, it is kept permanently on high positions in the ranking of „Business Gazelles”.

In 2006 in the ranking of companies according to the market value growth from 01.03.2003 to 31.03.2006 it has gained a title of Business Cheetah in the trading branch.

Company has received also the certificate for completion of exclusive education programme for managing staff of middle companies „Friends of Success”.