Multifunctional MFP panel, MFP board

The new multifunctional MFP panel with emission class E1 and gluing resistant to moisture boasts its reliability in every respect. It is ideal for structural tasks, it is an excellent combination of stability, load strength and resistance to moisture. Its strength parameters in both longitudinal and transverse directions perfectly meet the requirements of EN 300 or OSB/3 standards.
The MFP panels have CE designation for building materials in accordance with EN 13986-P5 standard and for production of packaging, in accordance with ISPM No 15 – IPPC standard. The product meets the requirements of EN 312 standard. (Declaration of Conformity issued by Wodego GmbH - No 101 with EN 312 standard and No 106 with EN 13986 standard).
Properties :
  • High load strength
  • For structural tasks in areas with high humidit
  • Drilling, sawing, milling similar to solid wood
  • Nails, bolts and clamps are stable even at the panel edge
  • Simple handling by gluing, painting, etc.
  • Symmetrical tongue and groove profile ensures precise and quick laying
  • As facing for wooden frames
  • Gluing resistant to moisture
  • Pleasant, natural wood optics
  • In line with designation of the construction supervision permit EN 13986-P5


  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling cladding
  • Wall cladding
  • Construction site fencing
  • Shop and fair structures
  • Interior finishing
  • Production of packaging
Starting with wall cladding and roofing, through flooring in nursery rooms, the multifunctional MFP panel is useful for numerous applications. It combines good strength parameters with resistance to moisture, stability, load strength and an aesthetic appearance. The MFP panel may be safely used even in food storage areas – for instance in containers for vegetable, fruit and other foodstuff transport (ISEGA Certificate of 29.11.2006).
Excellent physical and mechanical properties of the MFP panel offer opportunities for its versatile application. Its aesthetic values make the MFP panel a material which is generally used for designing fair facilities, wooden structures and for production of packaging.