Shuttering board OSB

It is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. An important reason for picking OSB is its very low adhesive content, which classifies OSB for the hygiene class E 1.

KRONOPOL OSB is available not only in the straight-edge version for universal applications, but also in upgraded options for special uses, e.g.:

  • as board with tongue-and-groove moulded edges along all sides or only along longer edges; for application in the construction of roofs and floors;
  • as shuttering board OSB FF Spezial. KRONOPOL FF Spezial is coated with a smooth phenol-based film on both sides; it is suitable for repeated shattering construction in the building industry. OSB FF Special is used to produce an anti-slip based variety named KRONOPOL ANTISLIP to be used in the construction industry for making scaffolding platforms, and in the automotive industry, e.g., for anti-slip flooring in open load-carrying bodies and trailers.