Types of OSBs, OSB board

Board with right edges

osb.jpg (600 x 450)Each Kronopol OSB has an identification overprint. The plate with right edge should be placed during mounting on such way (upwards or downwards with the overprint) that the identification of the board in the future will be allowed. It is of no significance in constructional regard if the board is placed upwards or downwards with the overprint.


Board with moulded edges on four sides for tongue/groove connection

osbfrez.jpg (600 x 450)The board with moulded edge for tongue/groove connection has its left and right side. The right side - it is the one on this side of the board on which a smooth and even surface is kept after assembly. On left side - in board junction - a small separation joint and identification overprint will be visible on the surface of the board.