STEICO CANAFLEX -flexible insulation made from hemp fibres

Environmentally-friendly insulation system made from hemp

• flexible insulation batts manufactured from hemp for use in roof, wall and ceiling structures

Special advantages:
• Flexible thermal insulation made from hemp
• Good heat and sound insulation properties

• Water vapour open for a healthy internal climate

• Easy to use

Hemp - Is an efficient building product which uses solar energy more effectively than many other plants and grows up to 4 meters in height in just 100 days. As a fast growing plant, hemp makes a valuable contribution towards reducing the greenhouse effect. In one tonne of hemp product up to 500kg of carbon is stored, while about two tonnes of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere . Even before the hemp insulation batts are installed in your property, they have made a large contribution towards climate protection.At the end of the materials life, the product is easily disposed of or recycled without harmful emissions or residue . The European nature plus® quality label for environmentally friendly construction products has been awarded to STEICOcanaflex as a result of the products special e nvironmental compatibility throughout its life cycle.

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